Want Your Business to Grow? Regression Testing May be the Solution!

Want Your Business to Grow? Regression Testing May be the Solution!

So, you are struggling to grow your business for survival and economic wellbeing. You have not been successful so far. This is probably because you have not done the right thing. If you are in the business of building corporate systems and designing websites, you will want to make sure that there are no defects. A business that does not act to mitigate issues and delivers faulty products does not do well in the long run.

Include regression testing in your quality assurance process. If you deliver a project on time with the highest quality possible, you are sure to see your company grow. You put in a great deal of effort into building pieces of software, and chances are that something will go wrong at one point or another. Problems and defects with the system that you release will make you look ridiculous. More precisely, nobody in the industry will take you seriously. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Regression Testing

What Is Regression Testing?

Before we can list any advantages, it is important to comprehend what regression testing represents in the first place. It is practically a type of software testing which is meant to check if there are any changes in the code of the software, which could impact its functionality. What happens is that the program is tested to be certain that there are no defects. Tests are re-executed against the application to identify code breaks in something that was working perfectly fine. Since regression testing is carried out for functionality, it necessitates frequent repetition.

Quality performance engineers do regression testing to have guarantee that the old code still works. If you do not test enough, you risk letting errors slip. On the flip side, if you do too much testing, you risk overworking your team. The key is to find the perfect balance between the two. Generally speaking, regression testing takes place late in each test cycle. It is necessary, especially if new features are added to the software or there happen to be performance issues. Below is a list of the most important regression testing techniques:

  • Retest everything
  • Test selection
  • Test case prioritization
  • Hybrid

The purpose of the investigation alters with the addition of new functionalities and changes in the code. Attention should be paid to the fact that regression testing is not the same thing as user acceptance testing, even if there might be some similarities. The former is carried out in an agile environment in which the user and the developer become active participants.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing – What Are the Advantages?

Regression testing can contribute to product quality, which is why it is such an important part of the software development process. If you do not prioritize regression testing, perhaps you are not aware of the many advantages attached to such testing. Please continue reading to understand what you might gain from using regression testing.

#1 It Ensures That Issues Are Already Detected

A defect, or a bug if you like, in a computer program that you have designed is not something you can afford to ignore. If you deviate from the specification which is mentioned in the product functional specification document, you risk rendering the application unfunctional. Regression testing lets your organization know what defect is causing problems after having made changes to the software. You should not use UI tests as regression tests. Why? Simply because they are expensive to build and require high maintenance.

#2 Timely Intervention

Significant cost benefits can be realized by reducing software defects throughout the software development life cycle. Taking preventative measures is not a luxury, but a necessity. Regression testing allows you to identify problematic areas in the nick of time and, most importantly, replace them with programs that boost the processing of the application. As a software developer, you will always have to deal with issues and errors within the system. Making mistakes is human. However, once an error has been found, you have to correct it right away.

#3 Automating Testing Life Cycle

You can automate regression testing. This in turn will allow you to make various changes and eliminate manual exploitation. A machine does what the human used to do, the only difference being that tasks are carried out faster and without interruption. So, you do not have to write tests or set up requirements. In case you do not have the internal resources to set up and maintain an automated regression testing suite, collaborate with an external service provider.

Who Can Do Regression Testing?

There is no better time than now to perform regression testing in your software development project. This complex process is usually handled by code testing specialists who know a lot about programming languages and can identify hidden errors. The experts make a plan and perform testing on a regular basis to see if anything has changed in the meantime. They follow the steps strictly, which means that they do not deviate from the plan. If there are any defects the moment that the tests have passed, the code testing specialists will find them.

When attempting to solve software problems, it is important to get into the right mindset. This basically means addressing the situation is a way that does not allow information to slip by. You are a professional, so you know what you are doing. Determine what issues need to be handled first. Creating the solution is a little bit difficult, as it is necessary to determine the right course of path. It is necessary to correct functionality errors, communication errors, missing command errors, and so on. If you change or modify the application, make sure there are no unexpected consequences.

Final Considerations

Ensure regression testing for excellent business growth. It is a non-negligible part of the software development process as it verifies if the complete functionality is working as expected. Just so you know, you can outsource regression testing to an experienced service. The company will offer you a well-defined service for a specified time period, at an excellent price.


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