Teaching Techniques to Try in 2022

Teaching Techniques to Try in 2022

Each year it seems that teaching is becoming more of a challenge. This is due to the differences amongst generations of kids and adaptations in society. The current state of the world also has increased the difficulty of teaching. The pandemic has caused multiple lockdowns all over the globe, forcing some schools to transition to at home learning. By using new methods and approaches, you can make teaching easier for yourself. Here are some teaching techniques to try in 2022.

Technology Accessible Learning

Whether you are teaching kids virtually or in person, technology should be accessible to everyone. Some students are unable to afford devices for school purposes. In these cases, ensure that the school you work at is able to lend out or even purchase laptops or tablets for the less fortunate students.

The reason why technology is important is because the youngest generations of students have grown up with it. They are used to learning about things they are interested in online already. Technology does have its downsides, but it’s an efficient way for your students to access information and complete work in one place. Students will enjoy being able to complete their work online since most of them will already be familiar with useful school related applications. Once students are done with their work, you can use their electronics as an incentive and let them have free time.

Teaching Techniques

Multiple Teaching Styles

Not every student is capable of learning from one, everchanging teaching style. This reality is what causes millions of students to struggle academically each year. A lot of the time, students with poor grades are in fact trying their absolute best. Despite their efforts, they won’t be able to thoroughly learn because they can’t comprehend information from a single teaching style. Now, this expectation seems overwhelming, but there are simple ways to incorporate multiple teaching styles into your classroom.

There are four main ways that students learn: through thinking, visual, problem, and project based approaches. You can implement these four teaching styles by diversifying your assignments and activities. By mixing up styles together, or by giving students options, there will be less pressure on both you and your students. “Though you may feel outside of your comfort zone teaching in several ways, it is beneficial to the success of your students. Often teachers who neglect being flexible for their students are unable to teach in an effective way,” claims Anita Bridges, educator at Draft Beyond.

Breaking Up Work

When you assign too much for your students at once, it’s hard for them to complete their work. By spacing up work loads, and creating manageable portions of school related tasks, your students will feel at ease. This modern teaching technique can be done each day. Breaking up the work will usually consist of a short lesson on one specific topic. You then give your students a portion of time to work on the assignment/activity related to the lesson. After the time to work on the assignment is done, you can move on to the next section of the topic. This will help students from being stressed out. You can also cover topics multiple times until your students thoroughly understand the lesson.

Minimizing Homework

Assigning piles of homework will demotivate students, leading them to despise learning in general. Homework is necessary, but only in reasonable quantities. We all have lives outside work and school, so keep this fact in mind when assigning homework. Try to give students enough time to finish the bulk of their assignments and projects in the classroom. They can finish the remaining work at home if need be, but won’t have an overload of extra assignments to complete. When it comes to tests, provide study guides or a layout for the exam. This will assist students during studying so they know what topics and information to focus on. “Students should never have to stay up for hours finishing up homework. Nobody can adequately learn or take in information with that much pressure and responsibility,” shares Sandy Hall, elearning blogger at Writinity and Research papers UK.

These teaching techniques will not only make students feel understood, but allow you to become a better teacher. Try out these methods in your classroom throughout this year, and see how the learning environment improves.

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